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The Mountain and Me
is a kid-friendly introduction to mindfulness.✨ 

The story teaches children how to manage their emotions by tuning in to their breath. It’s also a fun story they'll want to read again & again!

Get your copy today and enjoy some adorable mindfulness magic!

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"Great illustrations, perfect for kids, and it has great activities at the end to practice getting calm."


"Our three-year-old often selects this book out of a huge pile of books to read before bed, he likes it so much. Sometimes he talks about the mountain while he goes through his day. Even our 18-month-old enjoys this book and makes a great effort to "breathe in" and "breathe out" like the kid in the book. It's hilarious to watch the faces that come with the breathing, but it's also really neat to see the kids start learning the importance of breathing and refocusing at such a young age. I wish I had learned when I was so young! Thanks for an awesome book, Kimberly!"


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